Texas company discusses proposed 1,300-mile ‘Heartland Greenway’ pipeline

Published: Dec. 4, 2021 at 12:08 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A company planning to build a pipeline across Iowa to transport captured carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, will start hosting meetings next week.

“These project meetings are the first step in the process,” Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, the vice president of government affairs and public affairs for Texas-based company Navigator CO₂ Ventures.

The company has started to host 37 public hearings across the state of Iowa to answer questions about a proposed liquid carbon dioxide pipeline, called the Navigator Heartland Greenway pipeline, spanning 1,300 miles and touching five states. 900 of the miles will cross through the state of Iowa including parts of southern Linn County.

Burns-Thompson said this first-of-its-kind pipeline in the state would help ethanol and fertilizer companies reduce their carbon footprint at 20 different locations.

“Capture equipment will be installed onsite of the ethanol plants and fertilizer plants,” Burns-Thompson said. “We have contracts with Valero and recently signed a contract with OCI.”

Burns-Thompson said the pipeline would be a minimum of five feet deep until it reaches the endpoint in Central Illinois. Equipment would then inject the liquefied carbon dioxide into the ground 100 feet deeper than any source of drinking water.

“Over time, the carbon attaches to the other molecules down there,” Burns-Thompson said. “It then becomes parts of the sandstone formation.”

Burns-Thompson said the project looks to help reduce the carbon footprint at these sites by 50%, but it doesn’t come without concerns.

“The CO₂ permit is labeled as a hazardous material,” Burns-Thompson said. “CO₂, in large quantities and concentrations, is very dangerous. It pulls the oxygen out of the air. There’s a reason that CO₂ is used to put out fires.”

A public meeting will be held Monday, December 6, at the Veterans Memorial Building in Cedar Rapids at 6:00 p.m.

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