Dangerously cold weather made it difficult for some to keep the heat on

Published: Dec. 23, 2022 at 10:34 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Some homes and businesses struggled to keep the heat on amid the dangerously cold temperatures.

Ally Halverson lives in an apartment complex in North Liberty. She said the heat in her unit went out Thursday. She said she made several attempts to get in touch with her landlord but to no avail.

“I ended up having to write a letter to my landlords after going through my lease and verifying that it was their job to repair the furnace,” she said.

Halverson said a few hours later someone came to make repairs. She said the temperatures reached the low 50s.

“Last night, it hit -37 degrees with the wind chill outside, so I turned on the oven,” she said.

Newbo City Market had issues of its own. On Friday, Julie Parisi said they started to work on repairs to heating units on the roof that had frozen. Parisi said this was a common issue when the weather got this bad.

“Today has been slow, to say the least,” said Greg Stoll, the owner of CR Midnight BBQ.

Stoll said the weather might have scared some people off, but Parisi said they wouldn’t close in a statement.

“This severe blizzard comes at a terrible time just days before the holiday,” she said in a statement. “Many of our small businesses inside the Market depend on sales at this time of year. From a Market standpoint, we will never close the Market if there are businesses that wish to be open.”

For Greg, it was just another challenge before Christmas.

“Our systems aren’t designed for this kind of weather on a consistent basis,” said Stoll. “You just have to be prepared to roll with it.

Parisi said an HVAC company would be out in the morning to help make the repairs.