Video shows officers arriving at Alexander Jackson’s home the day he’s accused of killing his family

Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 5:45 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -The first day of testimony in the trial of Alexander Jackson included body camera video from police. The video showed the moment officers arrived at Jackson’s home, the morning he’s accused of killing his family. The 22-year-old faces three counts of First Degree Murder in the deaths of his father, mother and 19-year-old sister. Jackson maintains it was an intruder who broke into the house and killed his family in June of 2021.

In addition to seeing body camera from the crime scene, the jury heard the 911 call Jackson initially made to call for help. During that 15 minute call he claimed he had been shot by an intruder who broke into his family’s home.

”Someone broke into our house. Our address is 4414 Oak Leaf Court Northeast. I’ve been shot. My other family members been shot I need help immediately,” Jackson is heard saying on the call.

Officers arrived to the home anticipating a break in.

”We didn’t know was the person supposedly broke into the house still in the residence or not. We didn’t know exactly what we had going on,” said Curt Buckles, one of the first Cedar Rapids police officers on scene.

Officer Buckles body camera captured the moment he and other officers arrived. They entered home to find Jackson’s father Jan, mother Melissa, and sister Sabrina dead in separate rooms. Each had multiple gunshot wounds.

Jackson was also located in the home with a gunshot wound to his foot. His defense team says the family members were victims of a home invasion.

”Alexander Jackson was the fourth victim in this case. There is no doubt this is a tragedy, no doubt at all. Do not compound this tragedy by convicting Alexander Jackson of murder,” Defense Attorney Lindsay Garner said during her opening statement.

She also said Jackson was given fentanyl and questioned heavily by police for more than 6 hours, while injured and having just seen his father dead.

But prosecutors say the home was searched inside and out and there were no signs of forced entry or an intruder.

”The person responsible for the deaths of Sabrina Jackson, Jan Jackson, Melissa Jackson was their own family member the defendant,” Jordan Schier said, Assistant Linn County Attorney.

The jury also heard from neighbors. Each testified the Jackson family was friendly and seemed to have no problems. One neighbor said he did notice a change in Jackson’s father Jan in the days leading up to the murders.

”I either said hi or was getting ready to say hi or wave at him but he literally stared at me for one second and just turned around and walked right back in the house,” said Edwin Downey who has since moved to Colorado.

Downey said the exchange was odd because he and Jan had always greeted each other.

Jackson’s defense team heavily questioned Officer Buckles Friday afternoon in regards to how well his K9 could have tracked a potential intruder. That’s where things wrapped up for the day. The trial will continue Tuesday morning after the three day holiday weekend.