Increase in firearms being stolen from vehicles

Published: Jan. 14, 2023 at 2:42 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The Cedar Rapids Police Department says the number of guns stolen from vehicles has gone up over the last five years.

Newly released data shows police were called 58 times for weapons being stolen from vehicles.

“I think you’re an idiot for storing it in your car in the first place,” said Trent McAtee, a manager at Tactical Creations in Vinton.

McAtee said people need to do a better job of securing weapons if they leave them in their vehicles.

“I’d like to see them take cases and lock up their guns,” he said.

The increase was nearly quadruple that of 2017 when we previously reported 15 calls for guns being stolen from cars. In a new report, police broke down the quadrants where guns were stolen in the Northwest part of town 6 guns were stolen, 15 guns were stolen in the Northeast and Southeast parts of town, and the Southwest had the most guns stolen from vehicles with 22.

“Leaving them unattended is irresponsible,” said Jerman.

Chief Jerman said it wasn’t often that those guns were recovered, but he said when they were, they were used to commit a crime.

“I would hate to see anyone have a firearm stolen and then used to hurt or kill someone,” he said. “It’s 100% preventable.”

93% of the guns that were stolen were handguns. The Iowa Firearms Coalition also said people putting firearm stickers and decals on their vehicles were often putting a target on themselves.