Hannah Stuelke on her way to reaching her “through the roof” potential

Published: Jan. 15, 2023 at 11:00 PM CST
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - “I think Hannah, she doesn’t know how good she can be. Her potential is through the roof. I think everybody on our team sees that.”

When Caitlin Clark gives that compliment, it should bring attention.

“It’s just getting her to see that in herself.”

Halfway through her first season, Hannah Stuelke on her way to living up to that potential.

The Cedar Rapids Washington high school star already has a fan club in Iowa City.

“The crowd loves Hannah,” Clark said.

“How could you not?” said head coach Lisa Bluder.

Stuelke says, despite her youth, she is used to the crowd.

“I used to be part of the crowd,” Stuelke said. “I just try to come in and be a little spark sometimes we need it.”

Her teammates are embracing her. For now, Stuelke’s pretty quiet, so Clark is doing her best to hype up the true freshman herself.

“You know she can be a very, very good player. A very good professional player. The athleticism is clearly there,” Clark said. “I think me and her are on the same page a lot. The way she runs the floor. Those are the players I love to play with, so I’m just really happy for her because I know what she’s capable of.”

Stuelke does have something left up her sleeve. A fastbreak layup against Northwestern was nice, but her teammates wanted something special.

“I know everybody wanted me to dunk it,” Stuelke joked. “But I’m saving that for later.”