Alexander Jackson continuously denies killing family in long interview with police

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 5:33 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -A lengthy video shown in court Thursday detailed Alexander Jackson’s interview with police the day he’s accused of killing his family. Prosecutors say Jackson shot his mom, dad, and sister inside their Cedar Rapids home in June of 2021. He faces three counts of First Degree Murder.

Throughout the interview with police Jackson continuously denied that he killed his family. Instead he said the person responsible was an intruder who broke into their home. But police say there is no evidence anyone was inside of the house except for Jackson and his family.

“I love my family,” Jackson told officers during the interview.

Jackson’s interview with police took place at the hospital as he was being treated for a gunshot wound to his foot. It’s an injury he claimed an unknown man gave him, the same intruder he blames for the murders.

“He had the gun, I ran to him, we wrestled, I pushed him maybe a couple times, he shot me,” Jackson said during the interview.

But police told Jackson none of the evidence at his home matched his story.

“Alex the reality is there’s not any evidence anyone else was over at your house,” Investigator Matt Denlinger said.

“But there was a man there,” Jackson insisted.

“I went downstairs and a man was there and I fought him, I got shot, and I think he left,” Jackson added.

He told officers he woke up to more than 10 gunshots before spotting the intruder. Police said they believe Jackson is the one who killed his family, starting with his sister who was asleep in her room.

”You were sleeping, you wake up. Your sister didn’t, because you shot her before she could wake up,” said Investigator Sarah Lacina.

Officers told Jackson his story makes no sense as his whole family was murdered and he was only shot in the foot.

”The reason that this is so clear on what happened is because you didn’t think it through that well,” said Denlinger.

In a separate interview later that same night police told Jackson they pulled the surveillance video from his home and there is no video of anyone coming or going from the house. Jackson told them he had no idea there were cameras in the back of the home.

Investigators gave Jackson another opportunity to change his story before letting him know he was headed to jail.

“You’re not going to go home,” said Lacina. “You’re being charged with murder of your mom, your dad and your sister,” she added.

Denlinger testified in court that Jackson told him his father wanted him to get a job, and that if he didn’t he may have to move out.

The trial will continue Friday morning.