West Branch man recovering after injury, tornado destroyed business

West Branch man recovering after injury, tornado destroyed business
Published: May. 27, 2023 at 10:54 PM CDT
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CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - A West Branch man is literally getting back on his feet as well as reopening the doors of his business after back-to-back disasters.

March 19, Jerry Carew sustained life-threatening injuries while cutting down a tree at his home. Days later, one of the tornadoes that hit Eastern Iowa on March 31 destroyed his Coralville business.

Jerry Carew said, in the past two or so months, it was as if his life had been “yanked” from him.

When it came to the tree, Jerry said, “I couldn’t get it to fall, but the wind certainly got it to.”

“I have one recollection, I have one dream or one memory of someone saying...’Don’t move Jerry, you’re hurt.’”

Jerry had extensive injuries and spent weeks in the hospital. While he was there with severe injuries, his Coralville chiropractic business was demolished.

“The whole back wall was completely blown out. The front exterior wall had broke and was leaning in,” said Carter Carew, Jerry’s nephew, who was actually inside the clinic when the tornado ripped through.

Despite consecutive obstacles, the Carew family is grateful.

“We really thought at first that he was not going to make it. And so that was— obviously every day now is just kind of a gift,” said Jackie McCoy, Jerry’s sister.

Jerry left the rehabilitation hospital mid-April, family members said, far before doctors’ expectations. His business opened in a new location on Monday with more space and new equipment. Now, despite setback after broken rib after tornado, Jerry said he’s ready for this new chapter.

”This place, you know, proves that the chiropractic clinic was still alive,” said Jerry. “It wasn’t a place, you know, it’s the people that were in it.”

He added, “I feel good. I’m excited. I want to get back to work.”