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Oskaloosa - Sigourney
South Skunk River at Oskaloosa
South Skunk River near Oskaloosa
Flood Categories
Record 26.40 feet - 8/16/2010
Major 30 feet
Moderate 28.5 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 24.5 feet
Action Stage 18 feet
River Level Impacts
15 feet The park on the south bank near the US 63 bridge floods
21 feet Widespread flooding of agricultural and lowland areas occurs
23 feet Secondary roads near US 63 and Iowa 92 flood
25 feet The Oskaloosa water plant levee is overtopped with water into maintenance bay floor
30 feet Water affects US 63
North Skunk River at Sigourney
North Skunk River near Sigourney
Flood Categories
Record 25.93 feet - 5/28/2013
Major 21 feet
Moderate 18 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 16 feet
Action 14.5 feet
River Level Impacts
14 feet Water affects some lower agricultural land along the river
16 feet Water affects agricultural land, some county roads, and farm houses
18 feet Water affects most agricultural land near Sigourney
26 feet Water affects the south approach to the Highway 149 bridge