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Tripoli - Independence - Anamosa - DeWitt
Wapsipinicon River near Tripoli
Wapsipinicon River near Tripoli
Flood Categories
Record 18.50 feet - 7/21/1999
Major 17 feet
Moderate 16 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 15 feet
Action Stage 14 feet
River Level Impacts
11.5 feet Water floods the lowest portions of the Sweet Water Creek bike trail near Tripoli
Wapsipinicon River at Independence
Wapsipinicon River at Independence
Flood Categories
Record 22.35 feet - 5/18/1999
Major 15 feet
Moderate 13 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 12 feet
Action 10 feet
River Level Impacts
12 feet Water affects low-lying streets in Independence
16 feet Water affects many residences, businesses, and parks in Independence and Littleton
20 feet Water affects most residences, businesses, and parks in Independence. Flooding also occurs in Fairbank, Littleton, and Central City
21 feet Water reaches the guardrails of the Iowa Highway 150 bridge and floods much of the cemetery
22 feet Water affects Iowa Highway 150 from the cemetery to Three Elms Park Road in Independence. Water also floods most residences and businesses from the river to 2nd Avenue NE
Wapsipinicon River at Anamosa
Wapsipinicon River at Anamosa Shaw Rd
Flood Categories
Record 26.18 feet - 6/13/2008
Major 21.5 feet
Moderate 18 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 14.5 feet
Action Stage 13 feet
River Level Impacts
14 feet Water affects Lou Lous Landing campground near Olin
14.5 feet Lead Mine Road is completely covered
18 feet Multiple village and township roads are closed
21.5 feet Stone City Road is closed
26 feet County Roads X64 and X75 are closed
Wapsipinicon River at DeWitt
Wapsipinicon River near DeWitt
Flood Categories
Record 14.32 feet - 7/02/2014
Major 12.5 feet
Moderate 11.5 feet
Minor / Flood Stage 11 feet
Action Stage 10 feet
River Level Impacts
10 feet Water affects a few residences along the river
12.5 feet Water affects old U.S. Highway 61 near the river
13 feet Water affects many residences along the river
15 feet Water reaches the bottom of the U.S. Highway 30 bridge deck and affects the lowest sections of U.S. Highway 30 between Wheatland and Calamus
16.5 Water affects the lowest sections of U.S. Highway 61 near the river and reaches the lowest sections of the County Road Y52 bridge deck